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Take Pride in Ageing Conference 2018

12th July, 10.00am - 3.00pm at Chester Town Hall

Improving Services for Older LGBT+ People

Body Positive’s second annual event to work with partners to improve services for older LGBT people. The conference will celebrate progess since last July including best practice in health and social care in Cheshire and beyond, the development of the LGBT archive for Cheshire, and is the opportunity for everyone to get involved by pledging their support to make sure that we all Take Pride in Ageing.

The conference is organised by Body Positive and our project “From Pride to Prejudice - celebrating the LGBT community in Cheshire” is supported by the Heritage Lottery Fund and Cheshire Records Office.

Who is the conference for?

Health and social care providers in Cheshire and beyond |Policy makers and commissioners with responsibility for adult health and social care services
| Older LGBT people and community groups who want to share their experiences and influence services | Everyone delivering services with and to older people | Equality and Diversity Leads

Outcomes for Delegates

Improved understanding of the needs and hopes of older LGBT people
| Improved awareness of how to improve services | An awareness of best practice | The opportunity to make a pledge to improve services on behalf of their organisation and service users

The conference is again hosted by Claire Mooney and features the following agenda highlights:

From Prejudice to Pride - A Proud Heritage
Tim Jackson - National Secretary, Police Superintendent’s Association (2011-2017) and the first elected LGBT representative for the Association

Famous and Infamous Milestones in Cheshire
| Celebrating Cheshire’s Icons - including Esther Roper and Anthony Grey | Personal stories from Cheshire’s LGBT community

Tackling (older) LGBT health and social care inequalities
Professor Julie Fish - Director, Centre for LGBT Research. Chair in Social Work and Health Inequalities, De Montford University, Leicester

Hopes and experiences of health and social care services

Case Studies of Best Practice
Natasha Franklin - Stonewall Top 100, Lesbian Role Model of the Year
Jenny-Anne Bishop - TrAC project

Pledges for 2018/19

For more information about this or other Silver Rainbows events or to download the full agenda visit




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