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Volunteering for Body Positive

Hello, my name is Anita. I'm a volunteer for Body Positive and an active member of Silver Rainbows. After moving to Crewe (late 2017), I felt with the support of Edna (my wife), I was ready to show myself to the world as they say. As the early months passed I decided I needed more support, I contacted Body Positive. Within a few weeks of the initial contact I attended Silver Pride held at Belong, Crewe. I spoke to Colin, Sally and Christopher and was encouraged to come and join them in the celebration. I was made to feel welcome and really enjoyed myself, I was in awe of the event and where I wanted to go.

I quickly became a member of the Silver Rainbows group, where I have taken part in many walks leading me (and Edna) to making new friends who we look forward to seeing when the walks and "tea'n'tattle" events run. Since Silver Pride, I've attended my first major Pride event in Chester. Again, I was in awe as I found out about how friendly the LGBT Community is. During this, I also did my first volunteering for Body Positive and Silver Rainbows. It was fun, meeting new people and future colleagues at the time.

I have attended "Picnic in the Park" at Tatton Hall where I watched some of the events and gave information about Silver Rainbows and Body Positive. I have also started attending the lesbian and bisexual women's group and I'm making new friends. I hope to continue to blossom in the future months. Seeing where I have come in the few months since moving to Crewe the future is definitely not orange it's

As a finale, can I say a big thank to all that I have met through Body Positive, Silver Rainbows and a very big THANK YOU to my wife Edna. XX.




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