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Tools and Trowels

Tools and Trowels is a weekly Allotment Club for older male survivors of sexual violence aged 50 and over.

The group is run by a specialist worker (female) and a trained volunteer (male) with a focus on peer support, self-care and taking part in activities to relieve stress and reduce isolation. The group meets on Tuesdays to grow vegetables, flowers, fruit and herbs.

There is no need to discuss issues or experiences, however workers are there if people do want to talk, and group members can be referred for 1:1 support if they wish to explore their experiences further.

Being part of a non-judgemental group where people understand what you’ve been through can be of huge benefit to survivors (source: Survivor UK).

Males who have supported survivors of sexual violence can also attend. No previous gardening experience is required. Expenses for travel and refreshments can be provided. You can email for more details.




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