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244 | August/September 2020 | Page updated 28 July 2020        

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User Voice is a national charity run by ex offenders working across the North West. We have personal experience of the criminal justice system and the problems associated with it. We share your unique insight into what does and doesn’t work in terms of supporting people in prison and on probation.

Together we’re turning problems into solutions. We understand the issues and barriers people with lived experience of criminal justice can face. This makes us experts who can be a part of the solution not just a part of the problem.

We get your voice heard. We help people like you to share your experiences and raise the bigger issues with those people who have the power to make decisions and bring about positive change.

By working together we have witnessed life changing successes for individuals, have made positive changes to both prisons and probation services, and have led the way with service user research. Most importantly; we’re still doing it, and you can be a part of it.

Visit or call Ian 07508 163 644 or Caroline 07772 636 626 to find out more. You can also speak to Probation and ask them to refer you to us.




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