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News & Information for Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual & Trans+ people in Cheshire

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The Sporting L Word

As part of BBC Sport's LGBT+ History Month, Clare Balding looks at what it means to be a gay woman in sport. From the outing of high profile athletes in the 1980s through to today's younger stars, she'll reveal how women have adapted and changed as they try to reclaim the word 'Lesbian'.


Gay and Under Attack

A year after the introduction of the controversial anti-propaganda law, Reggie Yates finds out what life is really like for young people in what has been described as the hardest place in Europe to be gay. He travels to St Petersburg for Queerfest, a ten-day arts and culture get-together for the LGBT community. Reggie spends time on both sides of the battle lines - with the Queerfest team as they face the daily fight to keep their festival open, and the homophobes who want to see it closed.


Hate and Pride in Orlando

Stacey Dooley travels to Orlando in the aftermath of the Pulse Bar shootings in 2016. She attends vigils, marches and funerals to see how America responds to this latest atrocity and she’ll ask if this could be the one to finally make a difference. .


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