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News & Information for Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual & Trans+ people in Cheshire


'Everyone Is Awesome: Lego to launch first LGBTQ+ set

Toy company’s designer says he was inspired to support the community with rainbow-themed creation


‘Queer Love in Color’: Photo book celebrates diverse LGBTQ relationships

The journalist Jamal Jordan documents the joys and romances queer couples of color around the world share — but don’t often see represented.


‘We do like a rave!' Inside the UK's last lesbian bars

There are only a handful of fixed lesbian venues operating in the UK, and some have had to rebrand to stay viable. Those who run these nights - and the people who enjoy them - talk about how things are evolving.


'I was lucky to work in fast food restaurant so I could still eat': Young, homeless and LGBT+

The largest piece of research into LGBT+ homeless youth yet has found 78% of those affected go without family support.


How To Attend The Largest Virtual LGBTQ Careers Fair In The U.K

As many as six in ten graduates go back into the closet after they graduate and join their first job, say National Student Pride. It’s a story so many attend their annual event share. Indeed, it’s the driving force behind why they set up an LGBTQ careers fair for students and graduates to find a place they can be out, happy and authentic at work.


The Legacy of the HIV/AIDS Crisis: LGBTQ People Share Stories of Tragedy and Triumph

In the wake of It’s a Sin, Russell T Davies’s powerful TV drama starring Olly Alexander, there has been renewed public interest in and conversation around the HIV/Aids crisis of the 80s and 90s.


Mental health issues are rising among gay farmers — but one man is making a real difference

Being gay in an agricultural environment is tough. From the lack of mental health support to toxic discrimination, life for LGBTQ+ farmers can be plagued by secrecy and guilt — with many struggling in silence, completely alone.


Why some straight men have sex with other men

Sexual identities and sexual behaviours don’t always match because sexuality is multidimensional. Many people recognize sexual fluidity, and some even identify as “mostly straight.” Fewer people know that some men and women have same-sex encounters, yet nonetheless perceive themselves as exclusively straight. And these people are not necessarily “closeted” gays, lesbians or bisexuals.


Publisher hails its first LGBT-produced two dads children's book

An author has said he was inspired by his experience of adopting to write a book about a girl with two fathers. Gareth Peter said he thought My Daddies was the first book of its kind to be written and illustrated by same-sex adoptive parents.


UK slides even further down rankings of most LGBT-friendly nations in Europe

LGBT+ rights in Europe have reached a concerning “standstill” and the UK continues to slowly decline, according to the annual Rainbow Map rankings.


'I've had to delete vile comments, people think there are no consequences' - Inside the Premier League's LGBT+ fan groups

David Alvarado, chair of the official Manchester City LGBT+ supporters’ group, Canal Street Blues, recalls the moment when it truly hit him how disconnected the gay community was with football.


According to a new independent study, transgender youth are the least likely to feel optimistic about the future

According to a new independent study, transgender youth are the least likely to feel optimistic about the future.


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