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Chapter 30 Years

Chapter Mental Health is celebrating its 30th year of supporting people in Chester and Cheshire West experiencing mental ill health and we look forward to another 30+ years doing the same and more! We are passionate about wellbeing and enabling people to live positive and happy lives and maintaining good mental health management. Our vision is for communities where mental ill-health is no longer a barrier to opportunity, and where everyone is able to reach their potential and realise their aspirations.

We offer services to anyone struggling with mental ill health and from July all our services will be offered through self referral via our website www.chaptermentalhealth.org or by calling 01244 344409. We also create and run projects to promote positive mental health in businesses and organisations.

For services for individuals, we provide listening support via our Connect project and specialised coaching with a Wellbeing Coach through our Aspire program. For those who may find themselves struggling with managing anxiety we highly recommend our RE:SET program which is a 6 week course of workshops designed to support you find ways of coping with stress, managing anxiety and living a lifestyle that aligns with your values. We also host a range of fulfilling and empowering activities coined ‘Belong’ such as our virtual coffee morning, polytunnel and allotment growing sites, picturesque walks, a board games group and much more. ​All of our support staff have undertaken LGBTQ+ training and we are committed to providing person centred support, we also have a dedicated team ensuring equality, diversity and inclusivity for our staff and service users.

We are fully aware of how difficult the last year and a half has been on everyone’s mental health. We hope that if you are reading this and feel that talking to someone without judgement or stigma may help you, then please do get in touch. Often taking the first step is the hardest but we are strong believers that a problem shared is a problem halved.

Tue 27 July 2021

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