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News & Information for Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual & Trans+ people in Cheshire


Demonised, criminalised and shamed — life as a gay man in the 80s

Already being hailed as a masterpiece, Russell T Davies’ new Channel 4 drama, It’s A Sin, revisits the health crisis that decimated the gay community. Paul Flynn, who came of age at that time, salutes a story rarely told from the inside — and shares his own.


The consequences of choosing not to hide: A multi-ethnic, queer poet writes

I’m Nigerian, Nepali and Malayali, I’m queer and I’m femme presenting. And instead of secreting away these markers – I’ve enhanced, extended and exaggerated them.


Steelers: How anti-gay row inspired rugby film

Conventional perceptions around sexuality, gender and manliness are challenged in a new documentary about Kings Cross Steelers - the world's first gay rugby club.


Pardons for historic gay convictions: a call for evidence

It is quite rare for any government to admit to some historic wrongdoing, and even more so to take some concrete efforts to tackle it. When the government announced that it would be creating a process for gay and bisexual men to have certain convictions removed from the record, this was a unique opportunity to right many historic wrongs.


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