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17 November 2016

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Gay & Bi Men's Group Macclesfield

Body Positiveís new gay and bisexual menís drop in at 14 Duke Street in Macclesfield continues with three more dates to take us to the end of the year....


Vintage Cheddar
This month sees the launch of the first Vintage Cheddar newspaper. Part of Body Positiveís Silver Rainbows project the paper aims to celebrate the LGBT communities of Cheshire from VE day until the 1980s....


Parents & Carers of Transgendered Children - Monthly Support Group

Parents, carers and family of trans children need support too. Body Positive is here to help....


We Are Family - Cheshire Gay & Bi Parents Group

We are a group for LGB parents, their children families and friends to socialise
and share experiences. Come and join us....


C-Card Condom Scheme Launches

Young people aged 13-25 and living in Cheshire can access the free condoms and Chlamydia testing by registering for a condom card, known as a C-Card....


Meet Tango

The newest member of Body Positive's team....


The History of Pride

The first official UK Gay Pride Rally was held in London on 1 July 1972. The aim of the march was to raise the visibility of the gay community, which at the time was a radical concept....


The LGBT+ History Quiz

Test your knowledge of LGBT+ history with our short quiz....


LGBTQ+ Do you feel pressure to look a certain way?

BBC Three are producing an exciting new series exploring LGBTQ+ life in the UK. From faith to body image, homelessness to dating, we'll be highlighting issues faced, as well as celebrating this great community....