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News & Information for LGBTQ+ people in Cheshire

Cheshire Cheese Goes Digital

If you're reading this from the print edition of the Cheese, you hold in your hand the last of it's kind. Starting from the next issue, Cheshire Cheese is going digital only. For some time now almost all of our new subscribers have only requested sign up to the email alerts for new issues appearing on our website for download. 

The rising costs of printing and posting the Cheese out to our readers has partly informed our decision to go online only but the advantages of getting your bimonthly update of LGBTQ+ events around the county online are clear. You get each new issue the day it's completed, no delays for printing and posting and every back issue is available in our website archive. 

If you are currently a paper only subscriber, scan the QR code above or visit www.cheshirecheese.org.uk/subscribe to make sure you know when each new issue has been published to the website and is ready to download (or you can just read it on the website). All we need is an email address, so hit subscribe to get the Cheese without the fuss.

Thu 28 March 2024

Cheshire Cheese 266

April/May 2024

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23 May 2024

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