News & Information for LGBTQ+ people in Cheshire

News and information for Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Trans+ people in Cheshire

First published in February 1995 (see the Back Issues link for downloads of every issue), Cheshire Cheese is a bimonthly newsletter, available free of charge to the LGBTQ+ communities based within the county of Cheshire. 

Cheshire Cheese regularly includes news of local and national events that may be of interest to the Cheshire community, plus details of venues, social groups and community projects.

Anyone can contribute to Cheshire Cheese. If you have some news that you would like to share with the community or you have any burning issues you'd like to see in print, submissions should be sent to the address at the bottom of this page. Alternatively you can email us here.

Cheshire Cheese is free to individuals and organisations alike. To get yourself added to the paper copy or emailing list contact us, stating how many issues per month you would like (if ordering the printed version). The Cheese appears in print, usually in the first week of each bimonthly period, but keep checking the website - each issue appears here a good week before the paper copy flops through your letterbox.


Cheshire Cheese

Bridgewater House

230 Edleston Road



Tel 01270 653150