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Condoms and lube by post

You can get free condoms and lube delivered direct to your door. Send your request by post or by email using the contact details listed below. Please note this service is only available to residents of West & East Cheshire who are 25 and over. If you are under 25 you will have to register for a C-Card in order to access free condoms and lube. We cannot currently respond to requests made by people living outside this area. If you live outside this area click here to search for free condoms where you live.

All orders are dispatched in plain packaging. All personal information is kept securely and remains confidential to Body Positive. We never share identifiable information with anyone.

If you have an allergy to latex please call for options. Send your request to: Body Positive, Bridgewater House, 230 Edleston Road, Crewe CW2 7EH. Tel 01270 653150. Please state if you would like to receive information with your order. Please note this may contain material with adult content. Postage & packing is free.

Cheshire Cheese

Bridgewater House

230 Edleston Road



Tel 01270 653150


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